Supporting Teachers

Supporting teachers to create a quality TK experience for children is critical to building a successful transitional kindergarten program. TK is a unique program that gives children the gift of a year in a language-rich, high-quality early childhood education program. It gives teachers the time and opportunity to set a foundation for students of lifelong learning through developmentally appropriate instructional practices. With your leadership and guidance, teachers can build a strong continuum of practice that builds on children’s strengths and assets, and maximizes student success.

As is the case for supporting teachers at all grade levels, a strong professional development plan includes offering training and tools that meet the needs of teachers, as well as helping to create opportunities for articulation and connections among teachers across grade levels. The TK teacher is in a unique position to bridge preschool and kindergarten, and often TK teachers have expressed how helpful it is to collaborate with their pre-k and K colleagues.

In this section, you can find information on supporting teachers, particularly in the following areas:

For professional development modules developed through a collaboration among county offices of education, visit the Learn with Us section of the website. The TK modules provide Social-Emotional, English Language Arts and Mathematics professional development for TK teachers that includes an overview of The Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with Key Early Education Resources and other strategies and resources to support the implementation of transitional kindergarten.