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Thank you for visiting TKCalifornia, your online resource for finding easy-to-use resources for teachers and administrators as you get your transitional kindergarten classes up and running. Many educators over the years have called for a developmentally appropriate grade for our youngest school children. Whether they have just begun offering TK or have had it for years, school districts have seen that TK offers great benefits to children, families and schools.

On this site, you can find planning ideas you can get started on now, tips to help you prepare for the first day of school, and strategies that will help you throughout the school year.  As you think about how to meet the developmental needs of your youngest learners, here you can find practical resources that build on common themes that TK implementers have identified as being foundational in high-quality TK experiences across the state. You can also find resources to help guide you through changes to education policy.

Under recently clarified education statute, districts can now choose to serve more students by expanding their transitional kindergarten programs to allow 4 year olds to enroll in TK at the start of the school year, even if they turn 5 after the Dec. 2 cutoff date. For those districts that choose to implement Expanded TK, TKCalifornia provides resources and support for implementation and ensuring a developmentally appropriate, high-quality experience.

Our goal is to support you in helping the children in your district get the great start to school they need and deserve. We hope you will use TKCalifornia as a trusted resource.

  • Administrators can find a roadmap to TK, which helps shape the crucial planning process. The TK roadmap includes information on funding, communications, operations, supporting teachers, assessment and family school-connections.
  • Teachers can visit our ready-to-use TK teaching tools section.  Here, you can explore resources on classroom and instructional planning, social/emotional development, English language arts, mathematics, English language development and family engagement.
  • Teachers and administrators can visit our TK resource library for templates and resources to support quality TK instruction and program administration. Experts have gathered the resources contained here to point you to useful websites, activities, videos, articles and studies to support instruction. You will also find reference material and book recommendations to further professional development.

The content available was created with collaborative input from committees comprised of TK experts. If you would like to know more about the people and planning behind the website, click here. TKCalifornia will continue to be developed over time, and Early Edge California looks forward to connecting with educators and implementers in the field to provide updated, high-quality resources to support TK implementation.

TKCalifornia is operated and maintained by Early Edge California, formerly Preschool California, a statewide nonprofit advocacy organization that is working to ensure all children have the early experiences necessary to be successful learners by the end of 3rd grade, setting them on a path to college and career readiness.

The development of this website was supported by the Heising-Simons Foundation, a family foundation dedicated to sustainable, research-based solutions in education, science, and policy.