Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is the stepping stone between preschool and Kindergarten for California's schoolchildren. Since 2010, California has offered an additional year of Kindergarten to children with birthdays between September 2nd and December 2nd. Starting in 2022, California will begin expanding TK so that every four-year-old has the opportunity to attend a high-quality, developmentally appropriate Pre-K program when they are 4-years-old.

Early Edge California will be updating this site with resources and information about TK expansion as the process unfolds. Please be sure to check back frequently!

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Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional kindergarten is an exciting educational opportunity that is tailored to meet the needs of children born in the fall.

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Expanded TK Opportunity

Expanded TK is a flexible and cost-effective way for school districts to offer school readiness opportunities to children who otherwise do not have access.

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For Parents

As school districts across California launch transitional kindergarten, get information and tips on what you need to know as a parent of a young child born in the fall.

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About the Project

The resources on TKCalifornia are the result of a content creation and review process led by a panel of over 20 education and research experts from across the state.

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Supporting TK Teachers

As a TK teacher, you can nurture confident, enthusiastic school children by providing a high-quality experience during this critical period of their development.  In our teaching tools, you will find key elements of instruction and best practices for classroom planning, social-emotional development, English language arts, mathematics, English language development and family engagement.

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Supporting Administrators in TK

As an administrator, it is your planning efforts that will ensure all aspects of implementation are addressed, and will lead to high-quality results for your staff and students. In this section, you will find a roadmap to guide your planning for useful strategies in funding, communications, operations, supporting teachers, assessment and family engagement.

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