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Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is one of the first steps California’s youngest learners take in their academic careers—and new updates to education policy now make it possible to serve more children in TK! On TKCalifornia, you can learn more about TK, as well as receive valuable, easy-to-use support and tips for teaching and administering high-quality TK that will get your young learners off to a strong start! Learn more ›

TK Policy Map Timeline


Ready, set…

Sept. 2 – Dec. 2 Birthdays

  • Implementation Grants issued
  • Facilities Grants issued
  • TK Teacher Training Requirements extended until 2023


Go! TK expansion begins!

Sept. 2 – Feb. 2 Birthdays

  • Max Class size 24
  • 12:1 Student/Teacher ratio
  • Last year for TK Teachers to complete Teacher Training Requirements


Getting even better…

Sept. 2 – April 2 Birthdays

  • 10:1 Student/Teacher ratio (contingent on funding)
  • All TK Teachers must possess credential + specified ECE training


Almost there…

Sept. 2 – June 2 Birthdays


Finish line!

All children who turn 4 by September 1st can enroll in TK!

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