Student Records & Data

A student’s enrollment in TK and progress are documented through systems such as report cards, continuance forms and student cumulative files. It is important that this documentation reflect that a student has attended TK, and has not been retained in kindergarten. For example, some districts mark the kindergarten continuance forms with a TK stamp to ensure the TK experience is reflected. Other districts create a TK-specific report card, and TK in all districts will want to ensure that TK is properly reflected in the student’s cumulative files.

Beginning the 2013-2014 school year, the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) requires student participation in TK to be reported. Districts should connect with their Information Technology staff to be sure the data system is properly recording students in TK. As with all public school students in California, each transitional kindergarten student will be assigned a unique identifier, or SSID, which will allow California to track data and progress as students grow. If you are reporting student participation, TK students will be designated as the following code sets:

  • Grade Level: Kindergarten
  • Education Program: Transitional Kindergarten (code: 185)

As school districts implement the use of the TK identifier, the state will be able to track the impact that TK has on student outcomes.

Click here for a memo from the California Department of Education for more information.