Connecting with Media

Sharing news clips from the media about transitional kindergarten can be a powerful tool to help families understand the program’s value and show its success in other areas. Media is an important source of information for many families. Families regularly use broadcast and print media to learn about education-related issues and keep up-to-date on community news. In communities with large ethnic populations, ethnic media is an especially trusted source of information and can be an extremely powerful messenger for information about TK.

Share Clips

Make newspaper articles and other media coverage available to families in any outreach materials related to transitional kindergarten. For current news articles, please click here. Where possible, incorporate video clips into presentations about the benefits of TK. See below for an example.

California’s Transitional Kindergarten: Seeing the Benefits from Early Edge California on Vimeo.

Reach Out to Local Media

Work with your Public Information Officer to reach out to local media outlets and present them with information about your transitional kindergarten program. This could be a press release outlining your implementation plans or a phone call to your local newspaper, TV or radio station’s education reporter or assignment editor to explain the new program. For a sample press release, click here. See a sample news segment and public service announcement below.

Offer a Tour

Invite your local media outlets to visit the new transitional kindergarten classrooms and talk with families about the program. If your class is not yet in session, invite them to preview transitional kindergarten classrooms and teachers and speak with a prospective transitional kindergarten parent.

Create Your Own Media

View some local examples of how school districts in California are communicating the benefits of transitional kindergarten to their communities.