Practical and Proven Strategies for Teaching Young Dual Language Learners (POLL)

Linda Espinosa, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Early Childhood Education, University of Missouri, Columbia
Whit Hayslip, Early Childhood Education Consultant, Starting Smart and Strong Initiative
Elizabeth S. Magruder, M.Ed. Senior Program Associate, WestEd Center for Child & Family Studies

This session will present specific strategies for ECE teachers that address the language, social, and emotional needs of young DLLs. The Personalized Oral Language Learning (POLL) approach, which has been implemented in several districts throughout California, is based on the new National Academies of Science report. Participants will learn effective classroom strategies for DLLs and their families and have opportunities to interact with each other and share local best practices. Real life examples from the Fresno Language Project will be woven throughout.

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