Voices from the Field

LAUSD Expands Access to TK

Beginning fall 2015, the Los Angeles Unified School District moved forward with an innovative new Transitional Kindergarten Expansion Plan in 117 sites throughout the district, that is offered to 4 year olds that turn 5 any time during the school year.

Silicon Valley Parent Story Project

The Parent Story Project is the first-ever regional study to investigate what it is like to be a parent of a young child in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. It gives us a glimpse into parents’ biggest challenges and the community’s ripest opportunities for affecting the lives of its children and families.

San Francisco’s Principals’ Collaborative

Organized along the lines of a Professional Learning Community for administrators, SFUSD’s Principals’ Collaborative stresses training, information sharing, and mutual problem solving for the district’s on-campus educational leaders.

Joy’s Story: Learning and Growing in TK

Transitional kindergarten children are curious and they have seemingly boundless energy. TK gives them the chance to learn through play, exploration of concepts and hands-on experiences.

Sharon’s Story: Engaging and Empowering Families

As a teacher and parent education coordinator for Mt Diablo Unified School District, Sharon Reposa is passionate about involving families in her classroom and empowering them to support their children’s learning.

Janet’s Story: The Continuum of Learning in TK

Janet Londgren’s TK students enter school with a vast range of skills along the continuum of learning. Read how she ensures they build the skills necessary to thrive in kindergarten and instills a love of learning in the process.

Sandra’s Story: Managing Your TK Classroom

After 10-plus years teaching kindergarten, Sandra continues to learn from teaching transitional kindergarten. See what new lessons she’s discovered about managing a TK classroom!

Barbara’s Story: Teaching TK for the First Time

After teaching kindergarten for 30 years, Barbara Blakley jumped at the chance to launch a TK classroom in her district. See what steps she took to make TK come to life for her students.

Principal Shirley Esau: Communication is Key

As Shirley Esau piloted the transitional kindergarten program at Washington Elementary, she kept in mind that communication is key to successful TK implementation.

California’s New Transitional Kindergarten

This KPCC story highlights local transitional kindergarten classrooms at the end of their first year of TK, and links to the American Institutes of Research report on the first year of statewide implementation.