Transitional Kindergarten within Fresno Unified School District

11.18.2011 | CBS 47 | Brittney Hopper

A new approach for Kindergarten students, a new law that was signed back in 2010, is now being practiced at two elementary schools within the Fresno Unified School District. It’s called Transitional Kindergarten.

Pam Johnson has been teaching for 30 years but this is her first year teaching Transitional Kindergarten.

“I love it, I love it, I’ve been waiting for years,” said Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson as her students call her says transitional kindergarten will allow children to be better prepared to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. It’s for children who turn five between September 2nd and December 2nd. Rossi Flores turned five on September 18th and is Mrs. Johnson’s student, his mom couldn’t be happier with the program.

It’s a god sent, my son went from not really wanting to learn his ABC’s to he’s coming home and spelling your basic words at this point,” said Amber Flores, Rossi’s mom.

The program is meant to bridge the gap between preschool and kindergarten. It’s focused on social issues and pre-academic curriculum so when they get to kindergarten they’re mature enough to succeed to their fullest. The principal at Thomas Elementary has seen a huge difference with her students.

“It’s very rigorous for a four year old to be successful in a regular kindergarten room so this gets them ready,” said Gayle Frediani, Principal.

Transitional kindergarten will be implemented in more than 700 school districts throughout the state next fall.

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