Evan: A Leader In His Transitional Kindergarten Class

This year, Melissa’s son Evan entered kindergarten prepared after a year of learning to love school in transitional kindergarten. As Evan, born Nov. 28, was preparing to start school last year, his mother Melissa noticed that he needed more preparation socially and emotionally before entering school. He needed an educational leg up, and he found it in transitional kindergarten. “I wanted him to be more of a leader and less of a follower. I also wanted him to behave—sit down, listen to directions, follow instructions, express what he wants verbally, and go with the structure of the day,” Melissa says.

Becoming a Confident Learner in TK

With TK, Evan transformed into a confident learner with the social and emotional skills he needs for success. He got better at communicating his emotions every day. He learned how to help solve problems, ask for what he wants nicely and stay away from fights. “I am really impressed with his program…He was really excited to go every day. It’s given him a good feeling about doing well in school,” Melissa says.

This year, Evan’s kindergarten teacher will need to spend less time putting out fires and all the children will benefit.

At the End of the Year

During her visits to Evan’s classroom every other Monday, Melissa saw Evan, and his classmates, progress over the school year. “There’s some children that didn’t speak English coming in. They now know words and letters in English. They’re expected to come into kindergarten and be reading by the end of the year. TK will make this goal a reality for these children.”

On the last day of school, Evan said, “I wish school didn’t have to end because I’m going to miss Mrs.Londgren” – a testament to what a great year it was.

Evan Today

Melissa says, Evan is doing great – he looks forward to going to school and has adjusted to his new surroundings seamlessly. He is so confident and able to verbalize his emotions so clearly – and it’s all a direct result of TK!”

“Mrs. Londgren taught my son Evan how to deal with conflict using verbal expression. She taught him patience while learning the ability to sit still and listen while waiting his turn. Most importantly, she gave him the gift of loving school. She is phenomenal!”

                      –Melissa Vernon