Family Engagement

TK is a great opportunity to engage families and to build the foundation for strong family-school partnerships, which have been shown to have profound impacts on student success – both inside and outside the classroom.1

When you ask families about their vision for the future of their children, you will quickly learn about their hopes, dreams and high expectations. That strong vision, coupled with the many assets of families, serves as a strong foundation for their child’s educational experiences. With these families, you share high expectations for your young learners. By welcoming families and establishing strong family-school partnerships, you both can begin to lay the foundation for the best learning outcomes for your students.

In this section, you will find ideas and resources that can support your efforts to engage families and to develop strong family-school partnerships that help to build a foundation for student learning in TK and beyond.

More information on family engagement can be found in the following sections:


 1 Epstein, Joyce L. (2005), Developing and Sustaining Research-Based Programs of School, Family and Community Partnerships: Summary of Five Years of National Network of Partnership Schools Research, Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships