Building an Early Learning Continuum for Student Success

Early Edge California and New Teacher Center were pleased to host 400 educators and administrators for a day of professional learning at the 2017 sold-out 6th Annual Transitional Kindergarten Conference. Our thanks goes to the TK professionals who joined us to elevate and advocate for the important work they do to ensure children develop the skills they need to thrive in school and in life.

This workshop helps school and district leaders create seamless transitions for your TK students, developing a solid foundation for learning that builds from one year to the next. Connect children’s preschool experiences with TK and kindergarten by aligning curriculum, instruction and assessment. Support teachers with shared learning opportunities that will help all your students be successful in the earliest years and beyond. The workshop provides opportunities to connect with your peers and engage in hands-on planning and activities.



Watch the workshop:

Julie Montali, Fresno Unified School District

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Presentation decks, handouts, and select videos and photos from all of our past TK conferences are available here.


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