2013 Transitional Kindergarten Implementation Conference

The 2013 Transitional Kindergarten Implementation Conference, held on Feb. 6, 2013 at the Pasadena Hilton Hotel, convened more than 300 teachers, principals, administrators and coaches to learn promising TK practices from education leaders across the state. Attendees at this interactive event left with practical TK tips and strategies to take back to their districts.

Videos, presentations and materials from the conference are available below.

Full Agenda

Speaker Biographies

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Main Plenary Session

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Dr. Ross Thompson’s Presentation:  Social and Emotional Foundations of Transitional Kindergarten

CDE and WestEd’s Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with Key Early Education Resources

Institutes and Workshops

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Principal Institute

As instructional leaders, principals play a critical role in driving successful implementation of developmentally appropriate, high-quality transitional kindergarten across their schools. In this institute, principals and teachers will learn from experts on how to best develop their aligned system for TK, incorporating key concepts such as social-emotional and developmentally appropriate practices.

 Presenters: Veronica Azizi, TK Teacher, Stanley Mosk Elementary, Los Angeles Unified School District
Barbara Friedrich, Principal, Stanley Mosk Elementary, Los Angeles Unified School District
 Presentation: Transitional Kindergarten: Meeting the needs of the Standards while Meeting the Needs of the Children


 Materials: Kindergarten Assessment | PLC Rubric | TK Alignment 1 | TK Alignment 2 | Transition Songs


Teacher Institute

Teachers guide children in developing successful patterns of learning that serve as their educational foundation in TK and beyond. This institute will provide information and resources to support teachers in developing instructional strategies that connect to the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards and are developmentally appropriate for a TK classroom.

 Presenter: Elizabeth Magruder, Early Childhood Education Consultant
 Presentation: Developing Young Learners in Transitional Kindergarten: Nurturing the Whole Child through Integrated Approaches to Writing



The Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with Key Early Education Resources


Team Institute

Successful high-quality, developmentally appropriate TK implementation has at its core the alignment of teachers’ and administrators’ learning, planning, and management. In this institute, district teams will learn promising practices for TK instruction and discuss strategies for defining and implementing effective TK programs.

 Presenters: Long Beach Unified School District

  • Dr. Jill Baker, Assistant Superintendent, Elementary & K-8 Schools/Chief Academic Officer
  • Teresa Cooper, Elementary English Language Arts and Math Coach
  • Kris Damon, Transitional Kindergarten Coach
  • Nancy Hayashida, Elementary Math Coach
  • Nicole Jackson, K-5 Literacy Coach
  • Yvette Streeter, Program Administrator, Elementary & K-8 Office
 Presentation: Transitional Kindergarten the Long Beach Way


Building TK Connections to PreK and Early Elementary

The critical window for developing the cognitive, social, and academic foundation that helps children thrive in later learning is between birth and age eight. This session will provide an overview of PreK-3 and research supporting the benefits of a continuum approach for young learners. Participants will come away from the session with practical examples of effective practices to build a more aligned and articulated PreK to TK to 3rd grade connection.

 Presenters: Jessica Mihaly, Initiative Officer for PreK-3rd Grade Alignment, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Mary Seaton, Educational Consultant, New Vistas Consulting
 Presentation: Meaningful Connections: Creating an effective early learning continuum – PreK-3rd


 Materials: Classroom Observation Protocol | Building Early Success with Ready Schools | Cabrillo Transition Form | PreK-3 Implementation and Evaluation Framework | PreK-3  Resources | Ready School Logic Model | Ready Schools Vision and Effective Practices | Preschool to K Transition Form | Additional Resources


Coaching and Supervising Effective TK Instruction

Two key areas of professional development are utilizing developmentally appropriate instruction for young  students and supporting their social-emotional development. Learn how to support teachers and administrators  in building a rich TK environment by developing effective coaching practices and integrating social-emotional  principles into multiple content areas.

 Presenters: Shirley Esau, Principal, Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District
Wilma Hashimoto, Director, Early Care and Education Department, Fresno County Office of Education (FCOE)
 Presentation: Transitional Kindergarten Coaching and Supervising


 Materials: TK Classroom Observation Checklist | Timeline for PLC | FCOE TK Environmental Coaching and Support Plan
English Language Arts and Oral Language Development in the TK Classroom

This session will review five developmental themes that promote oral language development in young learners. Together, participants will examine effective instruction that incorporates movement and experiential learning across the literacy domains and makes programs meaningful and engaging to young children.

 Presenters: Barbara Blakley, Early Childhood Consultant, California State Department of Education
Whitcomb Hayslip, Early Childhood Education Consultant
 Presentation: Matching Activities to Developmental Needs


 Materials: The Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with Key Early Education Resources


English Language Development in the TK Classroom

Learn how TK can provide opportunities for dual language learners to develop English language skills and conceptual knowledge in multiple subjects. This interactive session will have participants walk through classroom environments that contain effective strategies that promote young students’ acquisition of English through cross-curricular and integrated content.

 Presenters: Christie M. Baird, Preschool GLAD Director, Orange County Department of Education
Diane Ehrle, Early Childhood Education Coordinator, Orange County Department of Education
 Presentation: Enhancing Literacy and Language Development of TK English Learners


Mathematics in the TK Classroom

Explore ways to support students’ mathematical development in your classroom. This interactive session will include topics such as developmentally appropriate instruction, assessment, integrating support for socialemotional development, mathematical vocabulary, and scaffolding learning opportunities through hands-on activities.

 Presenters: Kim Bambao, STEM Early Learning Coordinator, San Mateo County Office of Education
Linda Platas, Program Officer in Early Math, Heising-Simons Foundation
 Presentation: Mathematics in the TK Classroom


 Materials: Why Math Matters | Addition & Subtraction Situations with K Level | Blank Activity Sheet Musical Shapes Activity | What’s the Total TK


Using Formative Assessment to Differentiate Instruction

Embedded formative assessment is tied to daily instruction. The implementation of TK creates opportunities to chart new paths in formative assessment by aligning teaching with student response. Participants will explore strategies for linking classroom assessment and differentiated instruction.

 Presenters: Karen Hayashi, Education Consultant
Lisa Kaufman, Director, Early Learning Services Department, Santa Clara County Office of Education
 Presentation: Using Formative Assessment to Differentiate Instruction in Transitional Kindergarten


 Materials: Differentiated Instruction Classroom Opportunities Classroom Embedded Formative Assessment in TK


Early Edge California would like to thank the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) and the Regional System of District & School Support (RSDSS) – Region XI for being wonderful cosponsors of the 2013 Transitional Kindergarten Implementation Conference.