Culturally Responsive & Relevant Teaching in TK

Transitional kindergarten is one of the first steps our young learners take in their academic careers, and is an especially important time to bridge their home and school experiences. Reflecting children’s culture and language in the classroom supports healthy social, emotional and academic development. Culturally responsive and relevant teaching and learning creates an environment in which children are able to bridge knowledge from their home lives to support and expand their learning at school. When students are given an opportunity to connect what they already know from home, to their experiences at school, they develop a sense of confidence that allows them to embrace their learning experience, and set out on a path to lifelong learning and success.

The following six minute video provides an overview of how to incorporate culturally responsive and relevant teaching and learning into your TK classrooms and schools, and includes conversations with teachers, administrators and experts in the field of culture and language in early learning.

Additional Resources

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