2013 Northern California Transitional Kindergarten Conference

Early Edge California and the San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) are proud to have hosted the Northern California Transitional Kindergarten Conference on Nov. 5, 2013 at the South San Francisco Conference Center.

This free event was an exciting opportunity to learn innovative, promising transitional kindergarten practices from education leaders across the state and TK experts from the field. A sold out crowd 400 enthusiastic teachers, coaches, principals and administrators joined us for an interactive, hands-on conference that will give you practical strategies and resources to take back to their district.

Presentations and materials for the conference are available below. Please find videos, presentations and materials for the February 2013 TK Conference in Los Angeles, here.

Full Agenda




Main Plenary Session

UC Davis Distinguished Professor of Psychology Dr. Ross Thompson’s Presentation:  Social Emotional Foundations of Transitional Kindergarten

Principal Researcher, Education Program, American Insitute for Research, Heather Quick’s Presentation: Transitional Kindergarten Implementation Study

Institutes and Workshops

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Administrator Institute

As instructional leaders, administrators play a critical role in driving successful implementation of developmentally appropriate, high-quality practices in transitional kindergarten across their schools. In this institute, administrators will learn from experts on how to best develop their aligned system for TK, incorporating key concepts such as social-emotional learning and developmentally appropriate practices.

 Presenters: Jane Danbold, Transitional Kindergarten Coordinator, San Mateo County Office of Education

Whitcomb Hayslip, Early Childhood Education Consultant

Alicia Heneghan, Principal on Special Assignment, San Mateo-Foster City School District

Mary Murray Autry, Education Programs Consultant, Child Development Division, California Department of Education

Carrie Roberts, Administrator, Literacy, History, and Arts Leadership Office, California Department of Education

 Presentation: Transitional Kindergarten to Administrators

Building TK Connections to PreK and Early Elementary

The critical window for developing the cognitive, social and academic foundation that helps children thrive in later learning is between birth and age eight. This session will provide an overview of PreK-3rd as well as an engaging panel discussion with district leaders sharing innovative approaches to PreK, TK to 3rd implementation. Participants will come away from the session with concrete examples of promising practices to build a more aligned and articulated PreK-3rd grade connection.

 Presenters: Christina Bath Collosi, Managing Partner, VIVA Strategy + Communications

Carla Bryant, Chief of Early Childhood Development, San Francisco Unified School District


Lynne Martin, Director, Early Childhood Education, Oakland Unified School District


Susan Stanchfield, Transitional Kidnergarten Teacher, Taft Community School, Redwood City School District

 Presentation: Building TK Connections to PreK and Early Elementary
 Materials: B-3 Project Overview | B-3 Project Graphic | K Readiness Tip Sheet English K Readiness Tip Sheet Spanish | Resource Guide

Engaging Dual Language Learners and Their Families in Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Learning Environments

Join us to discuss stages of second language acquisition and common myths associated with this process; strategies for supporting children’s home cultures and languages as well as learning of English; and ways we can partner with families from diverse backgrounds to support language-rich and culturally inclusive learning environments for all children.

 Presenters: Soodie Ansari, Coordinator, Early Childhood Language Development Institute, San Mateo County Office of Education


Carola Matera, Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Studies, CSU Channel Islands

 Presentation: Engaging Dual Language Learners and Their Families in Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Learning Environments

English Language Arts and Oral Language Development in the TK Classroom

This session will explore instructional strategies that promote oral language development in all young learners. Together, participants will examine effective instruction that incorporates experiential learning across the literacy domains and makes programs meaningful and engaging to young children.


Barbara Blakley, Early Childhood Consultant, Los Angeles Unified School District


Elizabeth Magruder, E4 Coordinator, Center for Child and Family Studies, WestEd

 Presentation: English Language Arts and Oral Language Development in the TK Classroom : Matching Instruction to Developmental Needs
 Materials: Developmental Themes | Planning for Experiential Opportunities

Family Engagement: A Partnership Among Families, Schools and Communities

Research continues to demonstrate that meaningful engagement of families in their children’s education positively impacts their school readiness and later academic success. To further the goal of supporting families to be active participants in their child’s education, join us to discuss ways we can create opportunities that promote authentic collaboration between schools and homes.

 Presenters: Pedro Carbajal O’Limon, Intern, Family Engagement Institute, Foothill College

Betsy Nikolchev, Executive Director, Family Engagement Institute, Foothill College

Carmen Ponce, Director of Stretch to Kindergarten and Early Learning Programs, Family Engagement Institute, Foothill College

Ernesto Saldaña, Vice President of Partnerships and Local Engagement, Early Edge California

Ruth Yoon, Administrator, Program Development and Evaluation, Los Angeles Unified School District – Parent/Community Services Branch


 Materials: Family Engagement Lead Principles | From Pinciples to Action | Family Engagement Institute Overview, English Family Engagement Institute Overview, Spanish | Community Cultural Wealth Guidelines | Article: Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth

Formative Assessment in the Transitional Kindergarten Classroom

Embedded formative assessment is tied to daily instruction. The implementation of TK creates opportunities to chart new paths in formative assessment by aligning teaching with student response. Participants will explore strategies for linking assessment and differentiated instruction.


Karen Hayashi, Education Consultant


Melanie LaGory, TK Teacher, Burlingame School District

 Presentation: Using Formative Assessment to Differentiate Instruction in Transitional Kindergarten


Mathematics in the TK Classroom

Explore ways to support students’ mathematical development in your classroom. This interactive session will include topics such as developmentally appropriate instruction, assessment, integrating support for social emotional development, mathematical vocabulary, and scaffolding learning opportunities through hands-on activities.

 Presenters: Kim Bambao, STEM Early Learning Coordinator, San Mateo County Office of Education


Martha Drinkwater, STEM Early Learning Project Specialist, San Mateo County Office of Education


Gail Oshima, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher, San Mateo-Foster City School District


Linda Platas, Program Officer in Early Math, Heising-Simons Foundation

 Presentation: Mathematics in the TK Classroom

Transitional Kindergarten Implementation Resources

Presenters will highlight new resources to support transitional kindergarten implementation. Highlighted resources include: CDE’s Transitional Kindergarten Implementation Guide; videos that include illustrations of TK classrooms and interviews with administrators, teachers, and parents; and six professional development modules based on the CDE Alignment Document and focused in the areas of Social-Emotional Development, English Language Arts, Mathematics, History-Social Science, Visual and Performing Arts, and Physical Education.


Nancy Herota, School Readiness Director, Sacramento County Office of Education


Debbie Supple, Transitional Kindergarten Support


Natalie Woods Andrews, School Readiness Director, Sacramento County Office of Education


TK Implementation Guide

TK Implementation Modules


Using the Preschool Learning Foundations to Understand the Social Emotional Needs of Young Learners

This workshop will help you become familiar with effective social emotional strategies that build positive relationships and support the development of self-regulation skills. It will also help you understand the importance of teaching social emotional skills and self-regulation in Transitional Kindergarten and Preschool.


Linda Cochran, California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN) Program Specialist


Elia García, Transitional Kindergarten Program Specialist

 Presentation: Understanding the Social Emotional Needs of Young Learners
 Materials: Building Postitive Relationships | Foundations Map | PLF Social Emotional Chapter Positive Feedback and Encouragement | Recommended Practices | Stressors and Buffers

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