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New for 2018:

LMU Transitional Kindergarten/Early Childhood Education Certificate Enrollment Information

Loyola Marymount University’s Center for Equity for English Learners (CEEL) is offering a PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATE in Transitional Kindergarten/Early Childhood Education. The program begins in January 2019.

In-Person California Preschool Instructional Network Modules

Offered by the California Department of Education Early Education and Support Division, in partnership with the Sacramento County Office of Education. These fee-based in-person California Preschool Instructional Network modules feature resources to support TK teachers and administrators, developmentally appropriate strategies to enhance classroom environments, instruction and assessment, and videos of TK classrooms.

Online Professional Learning Modules for Teachers and Administrators

Offered by the California Department of Education Early Education and Support Division, in partnership with the Sacramento County Office of Education. These are free online Transitional Kindergarten modules on Social Emotional Development, Language and Literacy, Math and supporting English Language Development.

TK Conference Materials

6th Annual TK Conference (2017)

Presentation decks, handouts, and select videos and photos from the sold-out 6th Annual Transitional Kindergarten Conference hosted by Early Edge California and New Teacher Center.

5th Annual TK Conference (2016)

See presentations and handouts from each of the 5th Annual TK Conference workshops, including resources for teachers and administrators. Video of select workshops is also available.

4th Annual TK Conference (2015)

Find all materials and presentations from the 4th Annual Transitional Kindergarten Conference hosted by Early Edge California in Sacramento, including sessions on Social-Emotional Foundations, TK Implementation Resources, Mathematics, Dual Language Learners, Formative Assessment Strategies, Family and School Partnerships, and Science for Young Learners.

2013 TK Implementation Conference

The 2013 Transitional Kindergarten Implementation Conference convened more than 300 educators to learn promising TK practices from leaders across the state. Attendees received practical TK tips and strategies to take back to their districts. Videos, presentations and materials from the conference are available here.

Northern California TK Conference

Early Edge California and the San Mateo County Office of Education hosted the Northern California Transitional Kindergarten Conference in November 2013. Participants learned innovative, promising transitional kindergarten practices from education leaders across the state and TK experts from the field.

Countdown to TK

Get tips from TK experts Whit Hayslip and Elizabeth Magruder on easing the transition to school for your students and their families, both before school starts and during the first days.

Attendance is Critical to Success

Find out fun and effective strategies that Oakland principals have used to bring a measureable boost to their attendance rates.

Expanded TK Webinars and Resources

Is your district considering expanding access to TK? Early Edge California recently partnered on two informative webinars: Expanding Transitional Kindergarten and Calculating the Costs and Benefits of Expanded TK. Find webinar recordings and additional information and resources here.

California Transitional Kindergarten Stipend Webinar

Last year’s state budget included funding for the California TK Stipend Program (CTKS) to support teachers in earning early childhood education units. This webinar features information from CDE and three counties that have begun implementing the program. Learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning in TK

When students are given an opportunity to connect what they already know from home, to their experiences at school, they develop a sense of confidence that allows them to embrace their learning experience, and set out on a path to lifelong learning and success. View a short video and find resources to support culturally responsive teaching and learning in your classrooms.

LBUSD Math Instruction Videos

A series of three videos demonstrating complete math lessons in a TK classroom.

Differentiated Instruction Webinar

Practical tips on how use observation and assessment to determine children’s progress along the continuum of skill development and tailor instruction to help each child succeed in the TK classroom.

Moving on Up

We all marvel at the changes we have seen in our transitional kindergarten students in one year. In this edition of Learn with Us, find useful points to consider and share as you transition your TK children to the next level on their educational paths.

Professional Development Modules for TK

Professional development modules for TK, developed through a collaboration among county offices of education. Each module provides a full PD session, including an overview of The Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with Key Early Education Resources (CDE, 2012) and includes strategies and resources to support teaching and implementation of TK.