Governor’s Budget May Cut Transitional Kindergarten

05.19.2016 | Topanga Messenger | Kelly Rockwell

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Dear Transitional Kindergarten Parents Past, Present, Future, and friends of Topanga Elementary, 

Governor Brown’s most recently submitted revised budget would eliminate Transitional Kindergarten (TK) in the state of California in the 2017 school year. Children with birth dates after September 1 (currently September 1-December 1) would not be permitted into Kindergarten in 2017, leaving thousands of children out of TK and left out of the system for a full school year. If your child has benefitted from TK, you know how vital this program is for Kindergarten and later school success. 

At Topanga Elementary, Amy Weisberg has taught a transitional Kindergarten class for nearly 10 years. Hopefully this would ensure that the Topanga program (under her leadership) will not be affected but could take a different name. However, students whose birth dates fall after September 1, would likely not be permitted into her Kinder classroom and “Transitional Kindergarten” could go away entirely. 

Please take a moment to let legislators know this is a mistake! Take action by signing the petition online and pass this along to your neighbors and friends throughout California: or Read more about this and listen to a recent KPCC story here: 


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