Education Leaders Planning 2012 Launch of Transitional Kindergarten

11.09.2011 | KCOY

For the first time since 1891, California is getting ready to add a class grade.

More than 400 early education leaders and policy makers gathered in Sacramento yesterday to plan for the launch of transitional kindergarten which begins next fall.

A new law requires children to be five years old by the time they enter kindergarten.

The transitional kindergarten is the first year of a two year kindergarten experience for those who are too young to start school.

Deborah Kong of Preschool California says, “California was among one of only a few states where kids were still four years old in kindergarten, and often they lack maturity and the skills they needed to succeed because today’s kindergarten isn’t like it used to be.
What kids are learning in kindergarten used to be what they learned in first grade.”

School leaders claim that beginning kindergarten at an older age improves a child’s social and academic development and provides a significant boost to their test scores.

Watch the video by clicking here.

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